Creative approach throughout the 10 simple ideas for using old tires.

If you have lying around in the garage of old tires, not necessarily to throw them away. You can give them a second life and turn to the original decoration for the yard, garden sculptures in the country or even in the original furniture. We offer you 10 great ideas. This list is not limited to, the main thing - your imagination and do!

1. The table on the terrace

2. Options comfortable seats

3. Sculpture Garden
Excellent decoration: to make a great cup, stocks of paint and old tires.

This frog beautify any yard.

Bright parrot will make your site unusual.

Beautiful and easy to manufacture Swan.

4. The idea for a children's sandbox

5. Place for dog
Put into a large pillow soft tires and it is a favorite for your dog.

6. Ideas for Gardeners

7. Improving children's playground
With wooden beams and clean the tires can make the playground more interesting.

8. Original mirror from bicycle tires

9. You can also make the tire mat

10. An unusual idea to hold umbrellas

Rather, any of the ideas you liked. Save Me Bookmark and do something unusual in my spare time. This creativity is not limited to the home. In your home, basement and garage there are lots of things that you can alter. The main thing - desire.

Share with your friends original ideas on the use of tires!

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