Vases for garden with your own hands

Fantasies gardeners and lovers of garden decor there is no limit whatever you people come up with to create a whimsical and original forms and compositions on the site. Of course, the stores today is literally crammed with different vases, garden sculptures and art objects, from which we can make all kinds of songs for every taste.

But what is done with your own hands has a special value. Today we will try to figure out how to make an improvised vases for a garden plot bright and colorful objects that enhance the look of your garden.

Probably the most simple vases can be created from old tires. By the way, this solution is not new — the front gardens of all the cities of Russia is awash with beds made of tires. But the most obvious solution — not necessarily bad. Vases of tires — the fastest and most economical way to create original garden forms, but here is where your creative streak can manifest itself fully, to make true masterpieces, able to emphasize the beauty and splendor of the planted plants.

To make a planter from old tires you have to walk to the nearest tire store, while the abandoned tires are not uncommon on the streets of any city, so far, is not likely to have. When the tire you have available, prepare a screwdriver and a sharp knife, to give the product the desired shape. But then it all depends on your inspiration, whose presence gives you the pot, no way inferior to the beauty of the installations by contemporary designers. How he can do that, you tell the figure below.

But the pot of tires is unlikely to please your eyes for many years. If you want something more permanent to the garden decoration has been used for many years, create a decorative flowerpot made of concrete with their hands. All you need is cement, sand, water and a form to fill. Materials to find — no problem at all and can be bought in any hardware store.

Old tires and concrete are among the most popular materials for garden planters, but pay attention to wood products: old barrels, carts, boxes. By the way, a real masterpiece may be the composition of... a regular old stump. At the same time and the plot will be cleared!

To create such a pot you will need electrical or power saw, a chisel, a hammer and a drill. Cut out the block a little stump for a future pot of the desired size and drill a series of holes on its surface, then remove the inner part with chisels and chainsaws, leaving only the walls and the bottom. Obtained the capacity to treat the inside with a preservative or varnish to increase the life span and complete the ground for planting. Will have to sweat, but the result is worth it, see figure below.

Compared to the more traditional and light in the arrangement of flower beds, flowerpots have a number of advantages. First, they, unlike beds, are just aesthetically appealing objects, forming together with planted plants in them bizarre and varied composition. Secondly, vases of different mobility and compactness that makes it possible to easily change the overall composition of the garden plot. Finally, the labor for the production of vases in the fresh air is a real pleasure, because it is really creative.

Surprisingly, the simple, commonplace things that can be done practically works of art. What had just gone to the landfill now, again, beneficial, pleasing to the eye. In General, go ahead and you will succeed! published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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