How to build a real house out of scrap material

Earth Ship (Earthship) is energy-efficient Autonomous structure which does not require connection to CHP and at the same time helps to get rid of many problems and expenses associated with the operation. No utility bills and electricity and water never shut off. And thanks to the use of alternative building materials costs of construction are reduced. You can add that the project is so simple in construction that almost everyone will be able to implement it.


How it all began?

The earth Ship is a symbiosis of life support systems and man within a single living space. Since 1969, when he was still an architect, Michael Reynolds began to experiment with Autonomous buildings in the state of new Mexico in the southern United States. Now Michael is no longer the architect, and biotector. This term appeared in connection with the direction in which the developed architecture of passive houses. A fighter with garbage and toxic waste on the planet, Reynolds has created a house-boat from the waste of modern society. This approach makes use of waste materials, which are distributed worldwide, available even in the most remote corners of the Earth: cardboard boxes, aluminum cans, old tires, glass and plastic bottles.

The first building block was manufactured sometime from aluminum beer cans, tightly strapped with wire. Subsequently, banks began to apply one by one, like bricks. But the most famous building block in this construction is, of course, a tire filled with soil. After many years of operation it was found that the structure of the tires has a high seismic resistance. And now two domed house model Simple Survival used about 3,000 aluminum cans, glass bottles 7000, 1800 plastic bottles, about 340 tires and 300 cartons.


In order to begin construction of a ground Vehicle, you'll need a house plan. Development plans personally engaged Michael Reynolds with his team. To build a ship even people without special education. All based on common sense.

One of the main elements which interacts with the Earth Ship, the sun. House is placed along the trajectory of the sun depending on the location of the site. Through the glass facade of the sun's heat enters the room, thus heating the thermal mass of the walls and floor and the thermal mass plays an important role in the concept of the Ship.

Consider as an example the Simple Survival model, which has a U shape and the size of which does not exceed 5.5 m in width and 8 m in length. On three sides of the module surrounded by the solid walls of the seven levels of the tyres. Tyres diameter decreases from the bottom up, starting from 235/15 in the base, then 225/15 in the middle and 205/15 at the top. After putting some wall, it is covered with layers of plaster and metal mesh, and when ready, is applied on top of the final layer of plaster made from natural clay or pigmented cement.

Some time later, the mass of the earthship is heated to a constant level, and then in a residential area is maintained a comfortable temperature level in the area of +21°C all year round. During the day the thermal mass of the house stores heat, thus cooling the room, and at night gives off heat, not allowing the room too cool.

In the Simple Survival model used a dome roof. To create the frame used to 10 reinforcing bars with a length of 6 m, a metallic mesh with a mesh of not more than 1.5 cm in diameter and the wire.

This technique is also used in models of "Flower" and "Hut". Other used timber 15 cm x 25 cm or logs. Outside walls and roof are insulated with special coatings based on ethylene-propylene rubbers and insulation. The wall is surrounded by a large amount of soil to create a powerful thermal mass.

To cool and ventilate a structure, usually in the bow of the Ship on the roof is installed a manhole 1.2 m 1.2 solid wood. In the rear part of the ship includes a channel air flow. Commonly used plastic pipe with a diameter of 10-30 cm In the winter and in harsh climates full ventilation is not required: there will be enough air movement through the front door.


The most common type of alternative energy is solar generated by photovoltaic panels. In addition, the ground Vehicles used wind generators: it all depends on the climate zone in which to build the Ship. Solar panels installed on the floodlit facade of the Ship. Storage of electricity using rechargeable batteries. To calculate the energy cost to produce your Vehicle, you will help any qualified electrician.


The earth Ship collects and recycles the water – rainfall and snowmelt. The roof, constructed with a bias, serve as drains and direct flows into the tank where water settles and is filtered five-stage filter system. Then it is distributed throughout the house for domestic use and drinking. Provided and recycling of grey water: waste water from kitchen sinks and bath tub, washing machine. They, too, are purified and are used in the greenhouses.

It should be noted that in the Earthly Vehicle, the use of dangerous chemicals will have to leave in the past will need to switch to more natural products for cleaning and washing. This same water is supplied to flush the toilet, where goes to the septic tank and then to the outer compartment for watering non-edible plants. The water cycle is maintained by pumps that are connected to the insulated solar panel. Another insulated panel operates the heater for melting the snow on the roof. Even in winter you can get water from a natural source.


In the ground Vehicle space is provided for the Autonomous production of food. The greenhouse, where year round grow edible plants without a doubt is the main feature that distinguishes this kind of biotecture. Where the subzero temperature prevails much of the year, it is recommended to build a double or even triple the greenhouse, and in tropical countries the area can be left completely open. In harsh climates use double glass panels around the perimeter, but in a more moderate, you can apply acrylic panels to reduce the cost.

To create greenhouse Windows are not commonly used, as meaning that the building will be accessible to everyone and can be built in remote locations, where it is not always available all the materials. However, much depends on climatic conditions, and such details are taken into account directly in the design of the building. Greenhouses are not only for the production of food, but also involved in the water filtration system, as mentioned earlier.

In the Earthly Craft can produce not only vegetable food but also animal. For example, you can install a pool for fish or chicken coop. It is useful to recall the principles of aquaponics: natural water filtration and fish breeding at home. Aquaponics enriches the water with vital elements and fertilizers to maintain a healthy soil for plants. Even during the harsh winter you have a greenhouse to grow bananas!

Primitive dugout? Not at all!

If you are confused by the apparent simplicity and austerity of the idea, no thanks. The earth Ship can be equipped with all the latest technology, all you draws the imagination and the wallet allows. The largest ship in the world belongs to Sunridge Dennis Weaver. It was built on a plot of about 10 hectares and has a floor area of 3,000 square meters. In 1990 the house was worth 1 million dollars. Now it costs four times more. But if you are a poet and a romantic, and TV you to anything and you have enough simple but functional accommodation, you will be able to fit 5 thousand dollars.

Where anchored Ships?

Resources for building can be found even in the most remote parts of the planet. So the Ships as emergency shelters for victims of natural disasters located in the Philippines, Haiti, the Andaman Islands, and are already working in Nepal. So built schools on Easter island, in Sierra Leone in Africa. In November 2015 will open the school-ship in Uruguay. Earth Ships are already in Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala, Honolulu, Malawi, Canada, USA, France, great Britain, Scotland, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Japan, Fiji. Already planned projects in Cameroon and Germany. Concept Ships, as a new kind of residence continues to spread around the world. Time-tested and different climatic conditions, it has proved its right to exist.

Energy efficient? Passive? Autonomous?

It is not in terms, and that the aim of the project was to change traditional idea of home and to create a building that meets the requirements of strength, durability, energy efficiency, functionality and comfort. The habit to consume, regardless of resources, will have to give up: after all, it can leave the Ship without water or electricity. The symbiosis of the Earth Ship and its inhabitants will change outdated point of view on lifestyle, will bring our civilization to a qualitatively new level of informed, responsible attitude towards the planet's resources.

Who made this possible?

Biotecture Michael Reynolds listened to a lot over the years. They called him mad, and an idiot, but despite this, he continued to live his dream. At the beginning buildings were created from natural and scrap materials. Due to this, their cost was very low. After registration of the construction permit it was decided to use some ready-made building materials, such as cement and insulation. This brought the cost of the ground Vehicle to the cost of conventional buildings. However, only you can decide how and what you build and what systems to install.

For more than 40 years in new Mexico develops the construction of ecological houses. What was once a single building, turned into a settlement of more than two hundred houses. The press already called the village to the Greater World (a Better World) the first eco city. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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