Better than running 5 exercises that will quickly lead you into shape!

Most people think that running is the best way to get in shape. It does not matter whether you are going to lose weight, strengthen muscles or just to increase endurance. But if you do not like running or want to do only at home, then we hasten to please you. There are several exercises that will lead you into shape faster than it will make the running.

1. Jumping out of focus crouching position
It is not an easy exercise is very good for the whole body. When you try to keep the press on their toes. Try to make the exercise as fast as you can. That video to illustrate.

2. Jump with legs bent
If you want to burn calories quickly and increase endurance, jump legs bent - this is a great exercise that can be done without additional equipment. Also it does not require much space. If you are already a pro, then jump when you try to lift your knees to your chest as high as you can.

3. Raising the knees turns
Replace running this exercise, and you will notice results soon. Back in the performance should be straight.

4. Long jump
After this exercise, you are most likely going to feel fatigue in the legs. And after a few workouts you'll see how the relief begins to improve your muscles. Try to do 3 sets of 10-20 times.

5. Jumping on the rope
Jumping on the rope - it is an amazing way, which helps to burn calories, strengthen the respiratory system, improve posture, optimize blood circulation and improve endurance in a very short period of time. If you do not have thrown the training, then after some time the press and thighs will get a nice relief and buttocks become elastic. When tempo 100-120 jumps in a minute burns 13 calories. And a short video to motivate. That not everyone can!

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