Quick recipe for a delicious pizza from ingredients 3. 10 minutes and the dish is ready.

Often, cooking - a laborious process. Especially when it comes to dishes that need to bake in the oven. But there are simple recipes. It is this we have prepared for you. We offer to your attention the express recipe pizza on a thin pita. This dish has at least two advantages: firstly, the speed of cooking and second, the minimum necessary set of products. Turn imagination. The pizza can add almost any product that you have in the fridge.


2 thin lavash; tomato sauce; mozzarella (or other cheese to choose from); the filling to taste (salami, ham , mushrooms, onions, and so on). 1. In a heated pan without oil put pita. Top half of the distribution box prepared tomato sauce and half the grated cheese. Cover with another lavash.

2. Fire away until until the cheese begins to melt. Then turn to the other side.

3. So should look similar to the basis for the pizza.

4. Now the second part of the basis of fields of sauce and sprinkle with grated cheese. Add products to your liking. Salami - is, of course, the classics.

5. Now put the dish in the preheated oven for 5 minutes at 200-210 ° C. Cover the pan must be heat-resistant!

Here is preparing a pizza. Let it cool slightly.

Bon appetit!

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