19 useful products for the body, you want to include in your diet.

We all know that food should such that it helps to maintain and improve health. Every natural product has its beneficial properties. One positive effect on the skin, others in the brain and so on. We have prepared a list of products that are necessary for the proper functioning of certain organs. Include them in your diet!

For the brain:

salmon; tuna; sardines; walnuts.
In many fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are involved in the formation of brain nerve cells. Researchers concluded that the best fish to improve brain function is salmon, tuna and sardines.

For light:

broccoli; brussels sprouts.
For the skin:

blueberries; green tea.
As part of the green tea has a lot of antioxidants and nutrients. So he, too, is an excellent remedy for skin if it regularly drink.

For the muscles:

bananas; red meat; eggs.
Red meat - one of the best natural sources of creatine, helps to increase muscle mass. Also, creatine plays a major role in energy production and muscle contraction.

For muscle growth recommend eating eggs, as in this case the most effective foods containing protein.

For the eyes:

corn; peaches.
For acute vision should regularly eat peaches. The fruits of these there is a large amount of potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. Peaches contain large reserves of carotene, which improves night vision, strengthens the eyes and even prevents cataracts.

For the heart:

tomatoes; olive oil.
Olive oil lowers the level of bad cholesterol, which reduces the risk of heart disease. Use it for salads.

For the bowel:

prunes; yogurt.
Yogurt has beneficial effects on the intestinal microflora. A few cups of this drink per day is enough to protect the intestine from various diseases and get rid of dysbiosis.


celery; dairy products.
Milk and dairy products are the best sources of calcium. It strengthens bones and teeth.

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