Japanese massage Asahi: exercises that make you 10 years younger!

Japanese massage Zogan (Asahi) is considered one of the best tools in the fight against age-related changes of the face. His regular rejuvenates the skin, and the efficiency is noticeable after the first session. The main advantage of this massage - the simplicity and the ability to use it at any age. The procedure takes less than 5 minutes, but the result is amazing: the double chin disappear, reduces puffiness under the eyes, the skin is tightened and looks fresh.

The author of the massage, which has received worldwide recognition, has become a cosmetologist and makeup artist Yukuko Tanaka. In the process of working with many stars, she wanted to find a technique that allows to look younger without makeup. Asahi includes a facial massage techniques of manipulation affects the lymph nodes, helps eliminate toxins and improves tissue nutrition.

Japanese massage technique Asahi includes:

lymphatic massage that cleanses the body of toxins, removes excess fluid and regulates tissue nutrition; deep study of facial tissues using methods of manipulation aimed at muscle relaxation, improvement of blood vessels and lift. Contraindications to massage:

inflammations and various skin diseases; pathology of the lymphatic system; weakness and poor health; ENT disease; li > thin face with sunken cheeks (lifting effect is accompanied by growing thin person). How to do massage:

In order to preserve the beauty for many years, women have spared neither time nor money. However, at times that are looking for, is nearby. These exercises help many women to maintain skin tone best. Share this method so effective with your friends. Use the palm of your hand to prolong youth - it's that simple!

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