10 design secrets: what to do if the apartment a lot of things, but little space.

Unfortunately, the concept of "little room in the apartment," many are familiar firsthand. A small kitchen, which is not enough space for cabinets to supply products (or dishes), small bath-room, which simply is not possible to expand, but many want it accommodate ... Every time console themselves with the well-known proverb "In close quarters, but not mad "too boring. However, it is thanks to the small design tricks a way out! These 10 simple tips to help revise their attitude to a small space and make even a small apartment as comfortable as possible.

1. Corner Hanger

Two wardrobes - luxury apartments for small quadrature. If you have a lot of clothes - hang in the corner of additional hanger. The problem will be solved!

2. Simple shelf for spices

Many spices - a sign of a good chef. If you can not select for the jars-sklyanochek separate cabinet or shelf - is used as a shelf office organizer trays. Small magnets can help to place a shelf directly on the refrigerator. First, save space, and secondly, spices will not be lost, thirdly, there will always be at your fingertips!

3. A place to store pans

Even if the kitchen is not so much space - there is always a wall. Sure, it may seem unrealistic, but every centimeter of wall can and should use it! For example, it is convenient to place hooks for pots and kitchen utensils, which you often use the.

4. Stand for jewelry

If you have a lot of jewelry - use whiteboard. In order to comfortably accommodate accessories you need only to hooks and pins!

5. A place to store detergents

If you store the detergents and cleaning products under the washbasin - it often ends in disorder and anything found in these heaps of it becomes impossible. Hang the crossbar between the walls of the cabinet - and bravely hung on her spray bottle!


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