15 exciting ideas for small apartments. Use space wisely!

If you have a small apartment, but at the same time want to live comfortably, then you need to approach the matter with the mind. Try to make use of every centimeter of available space efficiently. To this end, we decided to share with you 15 delicious ideas that will help you build a small apartment. With them, your home will be more practical. Take these recommendations into service!

1. How to use the inside of the doors.

2. One original decision.

3. Note needle women: the surface with holes. A great idea, which saves space. All the right things are in sight.

4. Use the space above the door with the mind. Install a shelf under the ceiling.

5. Those who keeps spices in small banks, the tape will come in handy.

6. Cross Stand dish. All in the mind and get comfortable.

7. In order not to mount another rack, you can have to the existing, fasten bottom cover and so kept a jar.

8. 3 in 1: mirror, wardrobe and ironing board. Ideal for bachelor apartments.

9. This is how you can use the drawers!

10. Storage of summer shoes.

11. Creative chair-hanger. This thing can be put near the front door.

12. To save space, use removable drainer.

13. Use empty apartment right angles.

14. He wanted to read, sat on the ottoman, and took the book. Conveniently!

15. The bed, which can be hidden. Always dreamed of this!

These delightful solutions to help you build a small apartment in a paradise. Make your home more functional.

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