Just look what this girl does with ordinary handkerchief! Sleight of hand and no fraud.

Every girl wants to look attractive, and very effectively, but not all succeed. In chëm secret? Perhaps, in a snap, which undoubtedly lies without exception in all the fair sex. How to find it? First of all in itself, and secondly - in your own closet! Surely you have a favorite scarf or shawl that you just jumped on his shoulders, wrapped against the cold. But what if you try to do creative and tie it on his head? A great alternative to boring and dull cap, which will be needed after a couple of months! Until then you have a great opportunity to be trained to look at all 100! Do you still think that with such a scarf will blend in with the crowd?

Be irresistible simple thing, really want this! If you liked the video - tell us about nëm her friends. They will certainly appreciate such an idea!

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