Farewell was short and painless. But he was overjoyed when he saw what happened next.

One day on his way to work one person saw a fox on the side of the road, which is hit by a car. He immediately jumped off the bike and ran over to the animal, to see whether it gives more signs of life. It seemed that nothing can be done.

So the fox lying on the road, when he found her. The car apparently caught her off guard. The eyes of animals were closed and his breathing was irregular. The burden of the time little body shook. The animal was about ready to go into another world. The man put flowers next to the fox, and waited while she stops moving. Then he got on his bicycle and continued on his way to work.

On the way back, he saw the unthinkable: a small fox somehow miraculously revived. She was sitting in the same place where it was hit by a car, and waited for his new friend. He could hardly believe what I saw! He immediately picked up the fox in his arms. In this photo, they go to the vet. Sometimes in our world we are truly amazing things ...

I think of this story is clear: he who fights can lose. But the one who does not fight - has already lost. Share this inspiring story of struggle with the other.



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