10 things that you should consider when everything goes wrong.

When the whole world is against you, when everything goes wrong, it is difficult to be optimistic. In the moments when the clouds are gathering above your head, most lacking knowing look grandparent filled with kindness and wisdom, and telling you why you should live.

These 10 tips grandmother her grandson is just what you need in these moments. Read and memorize them. In life there are ups and downs and you never know when the next time you may need these tips.

1. Development can be painful. Sometimes there is an obstacle that makes you move in another direction. And that's good - sometimes need a push for change. B>

2. Everything passes. Wounds heal, the clouds dispersed. Everything is good, too, come to an end, so enjoy it, if you have the opportunity. B>

3. Anxiety and fear will not give you anything. Who complains the most, least of all reaches. It is better to take the risk than to stand still undecided. B>

4. Scars - a sign of strength. They show that the injury was delayed, that you overcome the pain. Scars tell you: "Yes, I experienced it». B>

5. Patience does not mean waiting. It means perseverance. Do not give up if the wind blows you in the face. If you start the way, walk to the end no matter what. Each obstacle brings more joy from achieving the result. B>

6. Do not let people with a negative attitude to affect you. Sympathize with them, because their lives are devoid of interest. Do not take to heart what they are doing in relation to you, be himself. Smile, smile - it's a gift that everyone can afford. B>

7. Accept what you can not change. Do not waste your energy to waste on things that pull you down or that those can not be changed. B>

8. Be generous, learn to give. If you only expect something from others, but do not let yourself, you are unlikely to get something. Learn to give up what you have in abundance, and it will return a hundredfold in the moment, when you least expect it. B>

9. In the fall, there is nothing to be ashamed of. The main thing - to get back on their feet. Whatever happens, every day - it's another day of your life, and you decide how you will live it. B>

10. Life is given to us not to constantly struggle with difficulties, and to enjoy every day. Do not wait until your dreams come true. Be happy - it is your decision. B>

Share these with the other wise advice, help them live life to the fullest and be happy.

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