Once they have found a deer outside the door of the house. But no one then did not know how his story!

Do you think the fawn and the dog can become friends? Certainly can, look how they play with each other. It turns out that not only people like dogs, and deer are not averse to make friends with them.

It all started when Isabel Springett found on the porch of his house a little fawn, who apparently strayed from the mother. Dog named Isabella Kate soon became friends with the kid, and still they were inseparable. Most large dogs soon crushed to fawn, but not Kate.

The video was shot a few months later with their first meeting, and the friendship of the dog Kate and fawn, named Pepin, getting stronger every day. They can be found every evening in the yard.

Just awesome! Even the cat fell in love with Pepin. Show this video to your friends!



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