These conventional means dramatically change your idea of ​​cleaning! Simple as that ...

Most of us do not like to clean up. It is not only boring, but also takes a very long time.

Especially for this collected for you some life hacking, which can greatly simplify this difficult and tedious process. This will radically change your attitude towards cleaning! This process has now turned into one for you udovlstvie!

cleaner blender
Pour blender with warm water and add a few drops of liquid soap. Then turn it on for a few minutes. Rinse with clean water and leave to dry.

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means to remove contaminants
Mix baking soda and a little water. It should form a paste. Apply it to the pollution. Leave overnight and means propylesos place dirt on the next day.

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«Collector" broken glass
Stop collecting broken glass with bare hands! Take a piece of white bread and push it to the place where the glass is broken. Surprisingly!

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Give new life of leather furniture
Leather furniture polish with an ordinary shoe polish. Abrasions and scratches immediately disappear.

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Super cleaner dishwasher
Put on the top shelf of the dishwasher with a glass of vinegar. Then turn the machine on the highest temperature. Then sprinkle it with baking soda bottom and launch the machine again. Done!

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How to quickly and easily clean the mattress
Pour in a little bottle of vodka razpylitelem. Slightly liquid spray all over the mattress. Leave it to dry in the open air. Vodka will kill all the bacteria that cause bad odor.

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Disinfection sponges for dishwashing
Put a sponge for washing dishes in the microwave or in the dishwasher for a few minutes. This will help to kill about 99% of harmful bacteria.

Photo: Moms Against Coodies

Mop to remove pet hair
Do you want to get rid of kotyachey or dog hair? Spend a mop over the surface of the carpet. You'll be surprised to see how much hair can collect in this simple way.

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An effective way to quickly dry wet shoes and gloves
Tear the paper and shove it in the shoes or gloves. Leave to dry. Struggling with deforestation? Then the usual bag of uncooked rice is also nice.

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oily stains remover
More you will not have to worry about, not to put grease stain on your favorite clothes. Apply to stain normal white chalk. Chalk and erase with a damp cloth. Striking, is not it?

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The miracle remedy for upholstered furniture
Spray the surface of the sofa alcohol mixture. Then clean the upholstered furniture from dirt with a soft sponge. And finally, use zhostky brush to remove any remaining dirt.

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Clean grinder
To clear this trudnovymyvaemoe presposoblenie kitchen, you need only 1 tablespoon of baking soda. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the result!

Photo: Martha Stewart

cleaner oven overnight
Put a pot filled with 1/2 cup of ammonia in a completely cold oven. Leave it there to stand overnight. The next day you'll see amazing results!

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stain remover for carpets
Make a mixture of 2/3 water and 1/3 vinegar. Apply it to the pollution. Cover with a damp cloth is the place. Now ironed it. The result is delicious!

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Now, you are not afraid of no fire, no pipe. Now you poslnostyu ready to take on this dirty process!

Simple, but brilliant, is not it? Share these tips with your friends.


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