12 mistakes you make when cleaning

A small error during cleaning can reduce your efforts to nothing and even create an even bigger mess.

The website offers to get acquainted with the most common mistakes that we make.

1. Wash the Windows in Sunny weather

The sun heats the window very quickly, and any cleaner for Windows dries up, which leads to divorce. Wait with the cleaning until direct sunlight do not leave your Windows.

2. Use lemon on marble or limestone surfaces

Often the lemons are used as cleaners for various surfaces. But citric acid can do to dull your countertops or floors. Use special cleaners that are designed for certain types of surfaces.

3. RUB the stain on the carpet

If you spill wine, juice or other beverage, then rubbing the stain, you will only make things worse. It will also cause the fibers to expand and become rough. Instead, you need to take a towel and pressing movements to remove the stain.

4. Do not clean the sponge

Sponge you wash the dishes, and absorbs fat from the surface and cannot be rinsed with water. Wash the sponge with soap and water after each use and change it every 2 weeks.

5. Sprayed surface "additional" cleaner

You probably think that "more" detergent will make your surface super-clean? In fact, the reverse effect — precipitate as the surface is clean and does not have to remove the dirt.

6. Clean bare hands

Your skin absorbs any substance that falls on it. Even remedies with natural ingredients can dry up your hands. Work in rubber gloves, preferably with cotton lining.

7. Put wet brushes in holders

Bacteria love moisture, so it is very important that the brush is completely dry. If you have no time, then leave the brush for at least 10 minutes on a dry surface.

8. Rasprashivaete detergent directly on the surface

The least effective and safe way is to spray the cleanser on the surface, especially electrical appliances. Spray onto a dry cloth and then wipe the surface. And use an additional cloth (without tools) to wipe off the excess liquid. To clean many surfaces (stainless steel, glass and wood) it is recommended to use this method. Exceptions can be only those funds for which this sputtering method recommended in the instructions and only on certain surfaces.

9. Wipe the surface with the method "from side to side"

When you make a movement in the form of the letter S or Z, you move dirt from one side to the other. Wipe the surface using small circular motions.

10. Using too many tools for softening fabrics

Using more product than recommended by the manufacturer, will lead to the opposite effect — your underwear will be hard, prickly or oily, and the towels will lose the ability to absorb.

11. Forget about the TV remote

On panels accumulate a huge number of germs, so don't forget to wipe the remote controller 1 disinfectant cloth once a week.

12. Mix cleaning products

Never mix bleach with any other cleaner. The addition of bleach, vinegar, ammonia or alcohol may cause a dangerous chemical reaction, with the result that you can be poisoned of harmful vapors, as well as to irritation of the skin and eyes.

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