These 9 Things you will definitely see when you die. It is unthinkable!

Is there life after death? It is a question whose answer is, we do not get until you step back to the light ... or get? There are many cases where people claimed that died and saw the afterlife, then came back to life. Their stories are really exciting in some way comforting and maybe even a little terrifying. The most interesting part is also pretty terrible: many of these strangers have received similar experiences while they were dead. Here's what they have seen, heard and felt:

1. Light
The vast majority of people who have experienced the death, reported seeing the famous "light at the end of the tunnel." It is the most common phenomenon that occurs when clinical death.

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2. You can see your body
Many people are taken up on himself and see his lifeless body down after physical death. They seemed to hover over his body as beztelesny spirit. They can see everything that happens in the room and everyone in it is. Any attempt to restore the connection between consciousness and the physical body can not, leading man in a rage for a few moments.

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3. Guardian Angels
Many people claim to have seen at least one of an angel or spirit, who looked at them and seemed to care about them during brief stops in the grip of death. Some say that spirits helped him in the afterlife before they went back into his body.

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4. Visiting mom
Some people remembered the meetings with their mothers through visions, while they were on their deathbed and / or die.

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5. Seeing dead relatives
If you have a large family, I am ready to see everyone again in the afterlife. Many people who have experienced clinical death, claim to have seen their relatives during stops in the afterlife. Obviously, some of them were even taken deceased relatives as part of what they have long since left.

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6. Life Before Her Eyes
Prepare to relive their best and worst moments. Many people have time to see all of his life flashed before his eyes in the hour of death. At this point, recall their own achievements, and all the memories are played before his eyes like a slide show.

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7. You can see and hear others
Many people talk about the ability to see people in the room with them at the time of death, but the interaction with others is not possible due to the fact that their body is lifeless, while the mind is awake. Every effort to make others know them useless.

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8. Soothe
Most of the dead, who managed to come back to life, said they felt an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility. This energy is so strong and blissful feeling that the soul does not know how to understand and accept it.

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9. You do not want to go back
According to numerous confessions, death experience is so soothing and calming that many people who experience it, do not want to go back to real life. It's hard to imagine such a strong feeling of bliss when you do not even want to come back to life, in which everything that we do - it is a struggle.

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In this life, we may never know what's going on with the advent of physical death. Perhaps there will be a bright light and a lot of loved ones ... or maybe we just feel happiness, love and warmth. But one thing is certain: if the person has died and felt like in paradise, only to be expelled and sent back, it probably is hell.

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