He modestly calls himself "the best daddy." Do you agree, when you see these gorgeous pictures!

Dave Engledou began photographing her little daughter Alice Bee since the day she was born in 2010. As a creative person, he decided to somehow diversify the usual children's pictures. He modestly calls himself "the best daddy in the world." These chic themed pictures proof!

Their joint weekdays are always full of fun adventures. Engeldou trying to capture it all. B>

Events of daily life often inspire them in these pictures.

But sometimes their pictures are full of surrealism.

Engeldou daughter started taking pictures even from the cradle to document the entire process of fatherhood.

It never loses its sense of humor, even in the process of education.

Sometimes it to make a good shot, we have to step over their biggest fears.

Most of the pictures are made separately, but with a photo editor Daddy combines them into a single song.

At the end of filming, Alice often gets tasty reward for your patience.

Engeldou says that when his daughter will grow up and no longer wish to continue such fun photo shoot, he would not object to it.

All the photographs will leave a beautiful memory. Father will always cherish them. B>

And who would refuse such chic pictures with daddy?

Each photo - a separate frame from the lives of their families.

And all these pictures is very exciting!

He really is the best father in the world! Show your friends this creative family photos.



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