If I saw something in the ocean under your boat, I would be speechless with horror!

While traveling in the ocean, which just can not be found in its depths. But even worse, when you see on the surface of what you do not know. I had goose bumps. But suddenly, it can happen in reality? Seeing these photos, you will understand what I mean.

Imagine that you can see it at a boat.

This is a flock of golden rays.

Twice a year they moved to Mexico, closer to the warm waters.

As a rule, they move 10,000 fish, and because the water in which they swim, has a golden hue.

But even though they are fine, do not let them get too close. Their venom tail can kill a person. B>

These fishes sting only when cornered. And because your dream is to swim with them can still come true. B>

Already planned journey?

Then it is gone with a friend this post and go together to conquer the ocean!



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