Cardboard office in Amsterdam

Leather sofas and furniture in the Empire style in Russia are an indication of the status of the company - the world is more an indicator of the status of taste and content, and the relation to prices, materials, brands much more flexible. Easy, mobile, stylish, eco-friendly and economical - cardboard situation grab another interior; Design Studio Yust van Blyaysviyk (Joost van Bleiswijk) has issued a new office for the Amsterdam advertising agency "Nothing" (Nothing).

For registration of interior designers used 500 meters of reinforced cardboard kvardratnyh.

1500 individual pieces of material are connected with each other without an adhesive or any fixation.

Customer Agency "Nothing" (Nothing), is engaged in delivery of innovation and commercial creativity for local and international clients.

Now they get it - innovation and creativity - literally, right out of the carton.


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