"I will not do your child's childhood magic." Recognition mother shocked me!

If our grandmothers and great-grandmother saw the tension that creates modern moms themselves, I think they would have gone mad.

Since when is being a good mom means that you have to spend their days doing crafts with your child decorate his room as they do in children's fashion magazines, and wear it in the latest fashion?

I find it hard to believe that today's mothers love their children more than our loved their grandmother. But we just have to hold theme parties on the day of birth, and even those that were remembered for long. After all, in addition, that all was well, we definitely need to put a photo with celebrations to Facebook, for all to see, what I'm a good mom.

Once I had the idea that we should not be doing our children a magical childhood. Childhood and so inherently - absolutely. I grew up in a poor family, but, nevertheless, my birthdays were happy because they were present friends. When I recall those days, I realize that this was magic.

Despite the fact that my family had four children, parents always gave us for Christmas with two gifts. Then we believed in Santa and waited impatiently for his reindeer. And it was great! I do not feel the lack of anything.

I do not build a ship with his parents. The only place where I was engaged in a craft, it was a school. My mother did the same with his own hands only what she likes. I still remember how to fall asleep to the roar of her sewing machine, she alter clothes to hair accessories, to put it on sale.

At home we played. After school, we threw backpacks home, and my mother pushed us out. We always play with the neighbor's children to the dinner. Of course, time is different, and not everyone feels safe when their child is on the street. But then everything was quite different. We were not bored.

Those times I recall with a smile. And I still remember what real fun.

Parents would need to know that we are fed and warmly dressed. In all other respects we were on our own. They were always there when needed, but they were not the main source of entertainment.

Today, parents feel that they always have to be close to the child. But that does not magically childhood. They only hinder the child enjoy their childhood.

No one denies that the time spent with family - priceless. But we should not constantly be around and annoying child. It is absolutely unnecessary burden that parents voluntarily saddled himself.

I was told that at the age of five years, I have visited Disneyland. But in addition to photo there I do not remember anything. But remember my pirate costume for Halloween, how to play with the dog in the yard, how to gather plums from the tree.

When we try to create something great for their children - their appetites grow. Can we raise a generation that is not able to see the beauty in simple things?

Do we want to instill in their children a sense of the magic - it's a beautiful gift packing, but not what you saw yourself?

Plan a fun holiday, recreation - it is not harmful for children. It becomes harmful when parents make it out of compulsion.

Today everyone is talking about is that we, and children in particular, not enough exercise. It seems most in need of the muscles responsible for the imagination when we are trying to find a recipe that is already invented long ago.

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