He climbed onto the bed of his dying master. What happened next, touched me deeply.

Homeless pyatidesyatisemiletny Kevin lived for many years in the car. When it became clear that he had lung cancer, Kevin was in a hospice. He had lost weight and was already very weak, but he had one last wish - to see his dog.

can say that Kevin was lucky: he got a nurse, who agreed to meet this desire. Kevin told her about his dog named Yurt and that I would like for the last time to see the dog. By chance, this woman also worked at a local animal shelter. She knew Kevin's dog. Kevin the opportunity to once again see Yurt - for that nurse was ready to risk their jobs, because the lead dog in the clinic strictly forbidden.

Both were very happy meeting after a long separation. Yurt felt the weakness of his master, and pressed against his chest.

The dog affectionately licked his face exhausted owner, who is dying. Yurt did not leave Kevin. The last days they spent together. Kevin lost the fight against the disease. But his faithful friend was with him until the last moment and spent his last journey.

When Kevin died, it was not known what fate awaits Now Yurt. He threatened to spend the rest of life within the walls of a shelter for animals. But the story is not over yet. Faithful dog does not leave his master until his death, was rewarded for his loyalty. These pictures went very quickly, and soon after the death of one family sheltered Kevin Yurt. They gave him a new home and surrounded by his love - a good-natured dog had started a new life.

It's great when there is one, you can count on. Yurt did not leave his master, even when he was on his deathbed. This friendship should serve as an example to all. Tell me this touching story to others.



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