18 facts about America unheard. This can not afford to admit even the Americans themselves ...

Some Americans find it difficult to learn the words of the national anthem of the United States. I collected and would like to introduce to you the most interesting facts that many Americans do not even know. Expand your horizons and learn informally about the great country called the United States of America.

1 in 8 Americans at least once in his life he worked at McDonald's.

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Apple will have more money than on the balance of the US Treasury.

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The Montana 1 person has 3 cows.

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1, the average American consumes the same amount of resources as well as 32 Kenyan.

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The first US slaveholder was black.

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The Americans usually honor college athletes as real celebrities, though they are just doing their job, taking part in extracurricular activities.

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While most Americans speak English, this language is not fixed by the Constitution as an official language of the United States.

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1 out of 3 Americans suffers from obesity.

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Exactly 25% of Americans believe in reincarnation.

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Incredibly, Americans minors have the legal right to smoke cigarettes while they are not allowed to buy them.

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Accidents in medical practice - the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.

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The Virginia was born more than US presidents than any other state.

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Some 27% of Americans do not believe in the well-known fact that they first walked on the moon.

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Throughout the average American eats about 404 686 m² of pizza a day.

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The Library of Congress has an archive of all ever published entries Twitter.

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40% of American children are born outside of marriage.

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22 million chickens are eaten by Americans every day.

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US flag - one of the most encountered flags world. He can be seen all over the state in various, sometimes unexpected places. B>

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Now America is opened to you in a whole new light! Tell a friend about this little-known facts.

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