Outstanding worthless day? Nonsense, these "lucky" he began definitely worse than you!

Monday - an incredibly difficult day. What conceal the truth, all of us, starting from Monday, waiting for Friday. It's hard after a long-awaited weekend with the same fuse as in the middle of the week, again to work. People tend to think that what will develop Monday, and this will be all week. All of these "pets destiny", as the saying goes, today embarked on the wrong foot. The first day they proved useless. Look at those poor fellows are not lucky since Monday. It is terrible and guess what they will have the entire upcoming week ...

I failed English breakfast. B>

For a couple of seconds this awkward guy blew the whole office.

Let the owner of this car is not surprised why the staff in the morning secretly looking at him suspiciously and giggle.

Someone here is definitely a good rest during the weekend, or do not get enough sleep.

Everything falls to hand ...

again have to apologize for being late.

A healthy breakfast is served early in the morning!

They did not manage to relax after a busy Monday.

If no luck, it does not carry even the little things ...

again will have breakfast at McDonald's.

What was the result of lack of sleep, can become a fashion trend.

come early from work? No, I did not hear ...

What do you know about despair?

And there is always that little thing that will spoil the whole buzz of such a delicious lunch ...

It is better not to get this man's eyes now.

Can, still did not have dinner at the computer?

A paradise for dogs. But someone will have to clean it all ...

He just followed the instructions and put the two spots on his pants.

Vacuums, well, why are you?

And let those who urgently needed documents, wait ...

If the life you played a cruel joke - I smile back at her! It is necessary to treat such life situations with humor, because life is so short, it is pointless to be angry on such a minor issue. Show these photos to friends - make their lives a positive advance for the whole week.



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