It's nice to take care of someone you love ... The story of the friendship between the dog and the owner is able to move everyone!

Today, most of the high-quality film and animation removed by simple creative people who really love what they do. Amateur film mostly focuses not on the outer shell: special effects, composed of actors, visual effects, as the drawings etc., and on the domestic content of video product. The main thing - to do everything with love, to engage the viewer for a living, and it does not require large cash deposits.

A simple second-year student at the California Institute of Arts Maddy Sharafyan decided to create a very cute cartoon with a rather profound and interesting plot. However, she did not expect that her work will be a masterpiece: a cartoon in a short time managed to win the hearts of millions of Internet users. Everything is made easy with the soul and with style! «Having learned the basics of filmmaking, I wanted to shoot something very personal, i> - Maddy Sharafyan said in comments to the cartoon. - My movie is about how important it is - to cook food for the ones you love ... I hope you like it! » I> The idea of ​​creating such a cartoon Madeleine came unexpectedly. She just remembered that often a child her family very closely relates to the preparation of food for the family, thus showing a close warmth and care. Magic music of Brazilian singer Elis Regina the cartoon gives a special flavor. This kind short cartoon in just 2, 5 minutes will carry you to a lot of important truths. This work clearly shows the profound meaning.

//Хоть Cartoon painted and professionally, but he looks with great pleasure! Altruism is nice and caring dog is able to move everyone. Always a pleasure to do something for someone you love, just to make him happy. How good is that when you come home from work, your house is already someone waiting for and loves you so self-sacrificing love. After all, someone you are in this world special. Be attentive to those who care about you. Share this animated film with the family and friends!


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