15 shots of kids merriment. These flowers of life will make your life brighter in the literal sense!

When there is a child in the home, it affects the whole family, and even pets. Yes, being a parent - is not so easy! For you shall be imposed a really serious responsibility. But, believe me, with the advent of the child you are not just bump into a variety of unpredictable and funny situations that will make your family just more positive. Sometimes the flowers of life - insufferable, though fierce hurricane. But very often the kids literally and figuratively make paints our gray days. These photos - a direct proof that educate children is actually very fun!

Take more from life!

Warm obnimashki touched even cold-blooded fish.

You can not be sad, when there is such a good friend!

Daddy all ears ...

Creative interior designer.

Sweet Home Alabama.

It seems that someone now will kill the future Picasso all impulses to creativity ...

Fuzzy suspected that something was wrong ... On your marks! Attention! Marsh! B>

touching tandem.

Mother, I came home from school!

With the best friend in the fire though, at least in the swamp!

Sorry, Day jam only once a year.

If you have a dog in the house, think carefully about whether to have a child.

And I fly, I fly, I want to fly!

no way back!

With the kids will never get bored! These little creatures are capable of even a glance bring a smile to your face. Share these fun photos with your friends.

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