The girl looked around the contour of your hand on a piece of paper ... When she was done, came something very cool!

Almost all of us as a child wanted to become artists. Admit it, you, being a kid, too, liked to outline the contour of your hand, and then paint it all bright pencils or pens and be proud sobstvenoruchno create a masterpiece? This woman, like many of us in childhood, just outlined his hand ... but you even can not imagine what came of it. A few strokes - and it is something very cool! As soon as she did it?

It's called op-art - short for "optical Art ", which uses a variety of visual illusions to create dynamic 3D pictures. The direction of op-art was born as early as 50 years in the field of abstract art. This art fascinates and attracts, making your imagination play. Admit it, it looks impressive! But if you look, it's not that hard! Try to create a masterpiece with your friends - show them this video.


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