These breathtaking shots will make your heart beat faster. Look how beautiful our world!

Everything in the world is moving and goes on. To feel that you live, you, too, can not stand still ... These incredible images from around the world, captured on camera GoPro, make your heart beat faster. Have you ever happened to see the world from the top of a snowy mountain or swim in the vast ocean with a huge whale? Already from these very words trembles something nice inside. All these moments are expensive! Where man and nature are connected together. This amazing movie will give you a new breath. After seeing it, you will understand what life is!

I do not get tired of watching this video over and over again. It cheers me up and makes sure that everything else will be, and yet you need to enjoy what surrounds you here and now. Show this video to fans of extreme sports and just to all those who love life.


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