These 11 mystical images simply inexplicable. Look though forever - still do not understand!

Mankind has for decades scratching their heads over these 11 photographs. They depict phenomena which sane person can hardly be interpreted.

Ironically, these images - the most that is not true. You probably would not believe in what I'll tell you. Above them one "not conjured 'Photoshop. Miracles, and only!

1. This picture was taken on the surface of the moon during the space mission "Apollo 17" in 1972. At first it seems that watching here, in fact, no matter what. Just a poor-quality picture. Rather, it overdone in solution. But there it was! Pyramid does not look like as well? B>


2. Since 1981, over and over again there are sudden fancy lights in northern Norway. Until now, no scientist can not explain where they come from. B>

So-called "lights Hessdalen." They appear for a few seconds or minutes - and then disappear. It disappears as suddenly as it appeared. Sometimes they leave behind footprints in the snow, or anywhere else. An incredible sight! B>

3. Very fuzzy picture, but it is covered a very large puzzle. You guess what? No. Then there's your complete details: This photo from the premiere of Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus". Baby for a woman with a hearing aid. Does not it remind you it is mobile? Is time travel there?! B>

4. But this image. Did you ever imagine could imagine that in the near-Earth space, there is "The Black Knight"? Yes exactly. "Black Knight". The satellite, which is about 12,000 years. How many head of the granite wall of the unknown did not fight the Americans and Russian (and this moment, going from 1960), the nature and occurrence of the object it has hitherto failed to define. B>

5. The picture on board the warship "Daedalus", 1919. The famous squadron Sir Goddard, who fought in the First World War. Priglyanis to the background. Do you see the face? It Freddie Jackson. But here's the hitch: shortly before the days when this was shot, Freddie dies from an accident at work. Photos that you now inspect, make the day of his burial. You do not believe in ghosts ?! And they are in you, is to be believed! B>

6. In 1964, while walking the father took a picture of my little daughter. It is interesting that no one was nearby when he took a picture. And the result, as they say, on the face: in the background you see a stranger in a suit astronaut. It's amazing! B>

7. This photo made captain of the ship "Watertown" in 1924. And you're seeing some fuzzy outlines, right? That, my friend, priizraki! As is known, the two crew members of the ship died under tragic circumstances. After this incident, the eternal captives "Watertown" long silence followed the ship, day after day, until, probably, did not fulfill its purpose. Let rest in peace. B>

8. When family members Coopers photographed for the shot in the 1950s, they even could not imagine that they will discover later. They just moved into this house, and life seemed to them as if started again. But the shock crept unnoticed! I crept up as ghosts. If you - a fan of adrenaline, this picture is just for you. B>

9. The painting of the 15th century. Against the background - some strange thing. You see, right? Here is the little black. Do you think that is? I do not believe my eyes. B>

10. The appearance of this image in March 1965 is very excited the audience. Near the Cook Islands, out of nowhere, there was a sea monster. It's a pity that the picture is not very clear and that the little animal turned out to be timid. Although she saved herself - did everything correctly. After all, people in their terror - unpredictable, brutal and rampant. B>

11. "Hipster-time traveler." Why is this so-called photo? And you did not see this extraordinary man who stands out from the crowd? His style does not exactly fit the fashion trends in 1941. Maybe the stranger - another reincarnation of Doctor Who? B>

Surely everyone has shown phenomena rational explanation, but that's why I do not dawned. How many goals did not break, no reply received. And you will succeed? Or your friends? Come on, guys! Send us your comments - we will be happy to listen to you all!

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