Forgotten collection of vintage cars rusting 50 years old farmhouse. This finding is worth millions!

Even today, when using a GPS, you can probably find anything on earth still remained hidden treasures. Recently grandchildren entrepreneur Roger Beyllona found that on one of his farms abandoned rusting collection of 60 vintage cars 1930-1950 worth about 12 million pounds.

And all this - not any there mediocre cars 30s. One «Talbot-Lago» once belonged to King Farouk of Egypt, and «Ferrari» was used for shooting the film with Jane Fonda. Also, among others, in the collection has a rare models «Maserati».

Beyllon planned to open a museum for their cars, but when there were some financial problems, he was forced to sell half of his collection. On the remaining 60 machines forget.

«This rarely happens. I think that for the sake of such findings is to choose my profession. Yes, it is - a real treasure! » I> - says Matthew Lamour, manager of the company« Artcurial Motorcars ». B>

«I have to admit that when we arrived here, we were overwhelmed with emotion. Perhaps we felt like Howard Carter at the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun. It was like waking up Sleeping Beauty ». I>

«Facel Vega» (left) and «Talbot-Lago» (on the right).

«It was something between the metal and the cemetery museum. Over the years, nature took its course », i> - says Pierre Novikof, chief specialist of the« Artcurial ». B>

«We stood and looked at the collection Beyllona ... Everyone thought that it was sold to the last car! And now that we have found ». I>

«Some of the machines should be treated as a painting or sculpture, because they are also works of art. Their appearance shows the history of automotive design ». I>

The model «Ferrari» was released in only 37 copies, which makes it very rare.

«Talbot-Lago» T26, which once belonged to the Egyptian king.

And if you is not enough photos to see these wonderful vintage cars - this is a video in which you will see everything clearly.

Now cars awaiting auction. Machines that can not be restored, sold for parts. It's hard to imagine the surprise and delight of the people who managed to find such a treasure. And only such a great collection could forget? Probably for employees «Artcurial Motorcars» this discovery will be one of the highlights in my life.

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