These 3D images, drawn in pencil usual, will blow your mind. Fiction or reality?

Dutch painter Ramon Bruin with a conventional pencil and airbrush to create a simple amazing things. Why surprising? The fact that in each figure of the artist is difficult to find the line between fiction and reality. Interacting with the objects of the environment, its 3D work organically fit into this reality.

With these optical illusions the author plays a kind of game with the imagination of the viewer, inviting him to figure out where reality and fiction. Ramon also sometimes uses colored pencils and paint.

Although today much surprise nobody works, executed in 3D to create the illusion of three-dimensional giperrealisticheskie a simple pencil - not an easy task! Nevertheless, each modest web A4 beyond the album sheet and human consciousness. Reality or fiction? Check, or you will be able to experience this fine line.

In each work 32-year-old artist looked through a professional handwriting. The play of light and shadow capture. After seeing these pictures you'll no longer see the world as before. Share this incredibly realistic 3D drawings of your friends - and let them engage in this strange game with consciousness.


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