19 elderly people who envy even 20-year-old. That's what it means to live on!

Unfortunately, many of us are subject to the stereotype of old age: a man grows old, so his best days already behind us and realize dreams in full late. But believe me, it is not so. For example, photographer Vladimir Yakovlev insists this is not true. His photographic project "Age of Happiness" introduces us to the 60-, 70- and even 100-year-old people who live to the full, and even try something new. So look at them and envy. Or begin to change your life right now, without waiting for old age! Personally with me these people have made a great impression.

1. Greta Ponterelli, 61, a dancer on the pole. B>

2. 78-year-old skateboarder Lloyd Kahn in 65 years decided it was time to try a ride on board. B>

3. Ruth Flowers in 68 years has become a DJ. Now she is 72. B>

4. Due to the raw food diet 70-year-old Annette Larkins not give to look at more than 40. B>

5. This name is Robert Merchand cyclist. He was 102 years old. B>

6. 100-year-old Doris Long fascinated by industrial mountaineering in 85 years. B>

7. Yvonne Daulin, 87-year-old figure skater. B>

8. 73-year-old Duane Tszinfu demonstrates complex movements that are beyond the power of even the youngest athletes. B>

9. Dr. Jeffrey Life began to seriously engage in fitness at age 60. In this picture it 70. B>

10. 78-year-old bodybuilder Jim Morris became a vegetarian at 50, and 15th years later - a vegan. B>

11. Alexander Rosenthal 96 years, and he enjoys skiing. B>

12. 61-year-old Cindy Joseph is actively engaged in fitness, working model and is a popular video blog. B>

13. Lynn Ruth Miller, a stand-up comedian, humorist career start in 70 years. At 80, she is full of creative energy. B>

14. Virginia from Poland 75 years old, two years ago she decided to become a DJ. B>

15. Madonna Bader, 83 years old, nurse and ... marathoner! B>

16. Pat and Alice Moorehead, 81 years and 66 years - jumpers. B>

17. Women's section of Aikido in Novosibirsk. The youngest participant - 55, the oldest - 75. B>

18. Paul Fegen, 78 years old, magician. The former millionaire now earns a living with card tricks. B>

19. Valentin Badich in his 75 years of excellent boogie, rockabilly, etc. B>

Older readers probably remember the lines from the poem "Borodino" Lermontov: "Yes, there were people in our time, is not that the current tribe ...". And indeed, these cute pensioners actually live much more interesting than most of the young people who prefer to while away the time at the computer. But never too late to change something in yourself. Just ask yourself one question: "But what I really want?" It was with him begins the road to change.

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