A unique place, where they filmed the sensational Russian film "Leviathan." The reality, as it is ...

Sensational bold blockbusters Russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev's "Leviathan" has caused a lot of controversy and a mixed assessment of the Russian public. With the release of the film, many critics immediately began to voice unfounded belief that the film was shot on purpose to blacken Russia, on the order of the West. Indeed, the film won the American award "Golden Globe Awards" in the category "Best Foreign Language Film" and previously won the prize for best screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival.

But whatever they said toxic, hostile and seeing around Russophobic moods critics, this movie really deserves international recognition. Zvyagintsev, based on the Biblical legend of Job, talks about the pressing issues of the little man who lives in the Russian hinterland, so genuine that, at times, it seems that this is not just a movie, but life - such as it is, without unnecessary ornaments. There is virtually no one to empathize. All the characters - the embodiment of moral decline and decay. Directed in a realistic manner to show the history of the lives of ordinary people and confronting them with impunity of corrupt officials and "holy fathers", who is the incarnation of the biblical monster Leviathan. After watching the film the viewer is an unpleasant aftertaste with a hint of despair ... Nevertheless, the merciless gaze directed at the tragic form opens your eyes to the reality around us.

Operator's work pleases the eye. Quite topical story is packed in a nice wrapper. This picture, in addition to the deep meaning, has a high aesthetic value. Picturesque landscapes, among which the movie was made, and serve as a fascinating contrast to the dirty reality. Photographer Michael Mordasov decided to go to Murmansk region, in the village of Teriberka, which is located on the Barents Sea coast - the place where was filmed "Leviathan." Michael made a series of photographs and notes that show you life in the wilderness without unnecessary embellishment and exaggeration.

The village is divided into two parts: the village of Teriberka, where the house of the hero Nicholas and the town Lodeynoe where there is a fish factory.

Locals dubbed the first part of the Old Teriberke, and the second - the New. This is a view of the Old Teriberka views from the house of the protagonist.

The old part consists largely of the old wooden houses that have seen a lot in his lifetime. New urbanized part - from brick and concrete buildings.

In the village of unemployment reigns. Many young and promising the people left out of this forgotten piece of land in search of a better fate. That is why it is underdeveloped production in local neighborhoods there are many abandoned buildings and boats. What is surprising, in the village is quite clear and there is almost no waste.

Mordasova Michael was able to meet with the head of the municipality Teriberki Tatiana Trubilin. Woman speaks very negatively about the shot in her village picture. She says that she survived only the first 15 minutes. Tatiana complains that in the village there is no release of the journalists, who try to show this in the black light. «Show that we have good people, there are positive», i> - complains Trubilin. Her statement angered Aleksei Serebryakov, played the role of Nikolai, that their village drunkard: «fed up with the hands of Russia and lives in Canada, and such things said about it. I would have forbidden him to work here. We met them there, than we could have helped, but they are now so bad they say about us ». I>

The celebrations in full swing ... Home tree in the village.

Murmansk is the nature of the contrast to the hopeless life of local residents. Lovely view of the Barents Sea.

Near the house where photographer Michael rented apartment, he saw two boys who skated. How did you find out they simply have nowhere to ride, so take the local kids still ride horses and go on the road. Machinery rarely go here - 3-5 per hour.

The new settlement. View of the fish factory.

Michael was also able to talk with the former nurse now closed hospitals and to hear her opinion, the opposite of what he took away from the head office of the municipality. The nurse watched the movie on YouTube even before the scandal erupted after it was removed. She believes that such films should be shown above all to those who led the country, so they can see what was done to the village by local authorities. «Zvyagintsev accurately convey our today, well told about Teriberka and local. I think that the actors could not even take it, just take the locals, and they have lived their lives - as well as the actors played ». I> The woman also said that the director showed Teriberka very" intelligent "destruction and dirt little shot. «At the main character in the house has a bathroom, and try to turn in our homes - it is terrible, after the war. In my house, for example, the third day of no water », i> - she says.

«The shooting did not see, and the artists had seen walking around the city. The film I want to see, I want to buy a disc. I am glad that the movie took off ». I>

Older ships dreaming about the past ...

One day a photographer met about 30 people, 5 of them were drunk. Michael had to watch very strange sight: «A drunk a couple of years after nearly forty-five went to the library. There they handed over about fifteen books - and the same took ». I>

Local landscapes are almost the only glimpse into the whirlpool of everyday routine Teriberki: «Nature here in the northern beautiful: lots of pure white snow, softly, severe low mountains, the sea comes pairs. The day is short and the sun is not visible, but the color of the sky very clean from deep indigo to delicate pink and bright orange. At night, even in the city are clearly visible stars and aurora ». I>

Of course, a film director Andrei Zvyagintsev Teriberke wanted to show the general sobering picture, which can be found in any Russian province. Of course, the "Leviathan," a good movie worthy of international recognition. Zvyagintsev masterfully displayed the life and encounter little man with a terrible beast - a reality. This is the story, after which you can shrug and say, "Well, so here we live. We need to change something ... "or blame directed at anti-Russian views and impartial picture of Russian reality for the Western audience. Dear reader, the choice is yours, but that movie definitely need to see everyone, because this is a movie that makes you think about what we have. Tell your friends about life Teriberki where they filmed most discussed Russian film "Leviathan».

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