20 photos, which give an answer to the question of why women live longer.

Scientists have long shown that the average life expectancy for men is less than that of women. What is the secret of this law? Genetics, predisposition to disease, poor lifestyle - do you say, and you will be right, but only partly. After all, there is a very strong factor that significantly shortens life - lack of basic care. When you see that men get up at these photos, you instantly disappear all doubts. Without a shadow of fear heroes of these pictures are on the brink of health and hospital bed or even death. But the main thing is that these men get their way at any cost.

1. I think the photo was taken using zoom. I am a photographer on the spot and did not come close to. B>

2. Put on a forklift truck - a very original solution. B>

3. That is why it is advisable that your friends were strong. B>

4. The guy in the middle already mentally saying goodbye to her mother. B>

5. The circus tightrope walkers and walkers rest when replacing out this dude. B>

6. The situation is very precarious. B>

7. How much should the housing department workers, to screw in a light bulb? B>

8. Live beard. B>

9. I hope everything is tight. B>

10. This is ready to mow Lawnmower everywhere! B>

11. A man is literally on the edge. B>

12. Will they decide that the hand will save the guy from falling? B>

13. Pool party in full swing. B>

14. Insurer thinks that there should he a wife to cook dinner? B>

15. Hey, you catch the sofa! B>

16. Electricity - his element. B>

17. Maybe the door is not got ...

18. Alternatively, stand at attention. B>

19. Man in pink probably thinks that chemical protection suits, they just put on. B>

20. Caution, flammable gas. B>

Every day, real men make all kinds of feats, sometimes risking their health. For this they need to appreciate and love. Share the incredible selection of funny photos with your friends.

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