Earthquake in Italy

Number of victims of the earthquake in central Italy has reached 179 people, about 40 are still missing.

The number of wounded remains the same - a half thousand people. Close to 100 thousand the number of people who lost their shelter. Some of them are placed in a temporary camp at the stadium in L'Aquila, the hotels on the Adriatic coast and other cities.

Rescuers continued to work on the analysis of the rubble in L'Aquila and the surrounding villages throughout the night. From the rubble managed to extract 100 people.

The Italian Government allocates € 30 million for the provision of immediate assistance in the near future will create a special fund to eliminate the effects of the devastating earthquake, ITAR-TASS reported. Also open account for donations. For the complete recovery of the affected cities would require an amount of 1 billion 350 million euros.


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