What were they? 27 sensational shots most popular celebrities in childhood and now.

As you know, we all come from childhood. Even the most popular celebrities, like all mortals, were children. Even then, they just did raved about the scene and the glory, but hardly any one of them are unaware of their future star. Just once one life breakthrough helped them become what they are now. It looked like a child shocking Marilyn Manson? I dreamed whether Victoria Beckham being unsightly teenager would become such a beauty? All these pictures will show you most of the private life of stars - their childhood. This 27 pictures of celebrities in childhood and at a time when we see them on the big screen. Who would have thought ?!

Marilyn Monroe

Vladimir Vysotsky

Milla Jovovich

Angelina Jolie

Yuri Nikulin

Jim Carrey

Brigitte Bardot

Victor Tsoi

Sergei Bodrov

Victoria Beckham

Sarah Jessica Parker

Reese Witherspoon

Marilyn Manson

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Avril Lavigne

Lady Gaga

Britney Spears

Michael Jackson



Ashton Kutcher

Brad Pitt


Yuri Shevchuk

Justin Timberlake

Demi Moore

Alla Pugacheva

Until then, some of them are fun and funny! If you're young and dissatisfied with their appearance, do not worry, these pictures give us all hope. Show these photos to friends - it will be interesting!

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