10 most bizarre car that mankind has invented. I would have thought, before getting into a ...

Since people move on wheels, the car has come a long process of evolution. Despite technological progress and modern technology, different models, one way or another, yet have similarities in design, technical specifications, specific options and functionality. But it seems that some car manufacturers to create the next masterpiece guided by the principle that the rules are there to be broken.

10 picked for you the most strange car in the history of mankind. Believe me, seen it makes you break the stereotype that should look like and what are the characteristics of a real car. It turns out, a flight of fancy can be found not only in the art.

1. BMW Isetta 300
This three-wheeled cutie in his time was saved from bankruptcy by BMW: while competitors were selling expensive models, the Germans managed to realize 160 thousand copies of these beauties. Thus it was possible to improve the difficult financial situation of the company after World War II. Isetta is primarily characterized by modest size (it fits only 2 people) and the fact that it is the only door there, where is the hood of modern cars. In other words, the steering wheel moves in the car together with the door. I would like to ride in that?

2. Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan
Company owner Bruce Mohs Mohs created this model to show how the model should look like a sedan. The main feature of the machine - no doors. Inexplicably, but the fact is that the inside can be accessed only through the trunk. He opened, throwing down the stairs and meet passengers red carpet. This idea has not caught on: all were released 6 or 7 of these cars. Still, after passenger car should be not only luxurious but also practical.

3. Twike
The name of the crumb - a composite of English words twin (double) and bike (bicycle). It is a hybrid car that can go either through the electric motor, or - man. Inside mounted pedals that can cause twisting 246-kilogram car moving. Manufacturers believe that such heavy physical activity the human body so heated that the car does not even need a stove. It seems that a compromise in the age-old dispute between motorists and cyclists.


4. Messerschmitt KR175
When Germany after World War II, forbade aircraft company Messerschmitt had to switch to something else. Soon he saw the light of the first car of the concern - KR175, which the Germans called scooter cab. Three-wheeled machine had wheel more like the same by bicycle or motorbike, and two seats: one after the other. Apparently, the Germans were missing for the possibility of flying freely: all were sold more than 20,000 of these models, remotely resembling a winged transport.

5. Mazda R360
It was the first production car released by Mazda. The car weighed only 380 kilograms. When the bans on exports of Japanese products have been removed, this model was popular not only at home but also abroad.

6. Russo-Baltique Impression
The owner of the trademark "Russo-Balt" Victor Tacna once invested $ 2 million to the designers managed to recreate a luxury car in the style of the 40s of the previous century. Only a copy was released in 2006 in collaboration with the German masters and presented to the world at the Geneva Motor Show. The price of the future of small scale models proved to be overwhelming: 1, 8 million US dollars. The release of such expensive considered impractical, so the production has not been started.

7. Daihatsu Midget II
Japanese as always surprise with their originality. This machine is very similar to the rhinoceros because of settling down on the hood of a spare wheel. Depending on how the model can be double or calculated only on the driver.

8. Peel P50
That's easy: one equipped with a door and can accommodate one person, this car weighed only 59 kilograms. This baby was not only easy, but also economical: fuel consumption - only 2, 8 liters per 100 kilometers. In addition, the vehicle was also provided with a rear handle. With this machine you can drag into the house or garage.

9. Renault Twizy
Developed in 2012, this model impresses with its originality. In fact, it is not even a car, and the heavy ATV. The ride accommodates two people: the passenger seat is behind the driver and can even be adjusted in height. By the way, a full charge of this miracle from the usual socket takes only 3, 5 hours. Technique on the verge of science fiction!

10. Bong Bug 700E
Double three-wheeled model had one door. And, to get inside the machine, it was necessary to raise the upper part of the body. Several copies of this car were produced specifically for the advertising of tobacco company Rothmans. Apparently, only for promotions and it fits.

No wonder why some of these models have been sold in single copies or were not put into production. This once again confirms the fact that your own transportation must be not only an original, elegant and sophisticated, but above all - practical and functional. And you would like to ride in some of these strange cars?

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