Failure in the matrix! 15 pictures of people who do not know what the original.

Imagine: you walk into the bus, sit down on the space, you find as if nothing had happened to your favorite song in the playlist, and then suddenly you notice that all the people around ... the same. No, this is not your nightmare and not even another film about the attack of the clones. This is the most that neither is true. Modern fashion, consumer goods stores and online mainstream people doing something terrible.

Today offers a selection of your images, which confirm that the matrix exists. It seems that all these people are forgotten, that such an individual style. And the same has managed them to be in one place at one time! There certainly can recall the words of the great masters Ugveya from the cartoon "Kung Fu Panda" that the accident is not accidental.

1. The "copy-paste" in life. B>

Photo: Cdn.internethaber

2. That someone in profile and full face ...

Photo: Tumblr

3. Those born under the sign of Gemini. B>

Photo: Funniestmemes

4. Today barber tight with imagination. B>

Photo: Memecollection

5. Attack of the Clones is already happening? B>

Photo: Tumblr

6. My eyes see double. B>

Photo: Nzblokes

7. The spectacle of a million. B>

Photo: Goodmeme

8. Fashion, you ruthless! B>

Photo: Reddit

9. I must have slept badly today. B>

Photo: Tumblr

10. The woman in the middle, you can make a wish. B>

Photo: Twitter

11. Mirage broad daylight. B>

Photo: Reddit

12. Two of the casket ... the same on all sides. B>

Photo: Twitter

13. I'm, like, never used hallucinogens. B>

Photo: Sixpenceee

14. Now the puzzle was formed. B>

Photo: Pintrest

15. I'm already imagining all wrong. B>

Photo: Theepochtimes

From these images I have as much in the eyes of doubles. Indeed, only one can not be found on the streets, on public transport or in a cafe. Now just keep it with a camera, to have time to capture such coincidences. Just be careful, because you can and be frightened! You do not have the impression that the clones are not just on television?

Maybe you or your friends have seen something like this in your life? At leisure, you can conduct a survey among their friends by showing them the pictures.

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