19 good reasons to have a Munchkin. This is the most lovely clumps of wool that I have ever seen!

"Without a cat and not the life" - not tired to argue those who love these pets more life. Each person has their own preferences: somebody worships in the nicest British lop-eared "usatikah" someone like more majestic Persians, while others can not imagine my life without bald hairless cats, sphinx. How many people - so many flavors.

Today decided to show you an unusual breed of cats, which are sure to impress even the most inveterate opponents pets. Meet this - Munchkin, beautiful felines with short legs and a big heart. They are so cute and funny that they just wanted to cuddle! After these images you want to have a crumb at home. So, before you 19 reasons why you need to urgently acquire Munchkin.

1. They look cuties, even when surprised. B>

Photo: Tumblr

2. You will not find a better model to pose in the whole wide world! B>

Photo: Tumblr

3. The attractiveness of these kroshechek melt the most frozen heart ...

Photo: Tumblr

4. Be ready for that rasplyveshsya smile emotion when this miracle will be at your house. B>

5. Do not faint on the feelings that you are full, when you see this beautiful sight! B>

6. Any dinner with your munchkin is romantic. B>

Photo: Pinterest

7. In such a treasure pay attention to all! B>

Photo: Funniest-place

8. They are brave and daring - everywhere shoved his wet nose!

9. This cat wakes serve you faithfully better than any dog. He will always be waiting for you at the window ...

10. Munchkin - actors from God ...

Photo: Tumblr

11. From any of their movement is breathtaking! What grace ...

Photo: Dailypicksandflicks

12. When the cat freezes in a position to want to paint them. This is a masterpiece! B>

13. This cutie is looking great, no matter where he was. B>

Photo: Tumblr

14. At Munchkin, which is played, you can watch forever - never get bored! B>

Photo: Buzzfeed

15. How can you resist those eyes? B>

16. Get ready for a dose of positive murderous every day! B>

Photo: Instagram

17. This kid is so huge heart that love is enough for all. B>

Photo: Buzzfeed

18. You have to be stale crackers, so as not to melt before the munchkins. B>

19. This ball of wool - the most wonderful creation in the world! B>

I love cats! All I dream about making a treasure fluffy purring in my arms! I had never seen anything sweeter ... I advise you to see these stunning munchkins your friends - they will be convinced that this cat needs each!

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