20 fun postcards for a good mood. Positive charge for the whole day!

Your mood should not depend on any conditions it was: on the circumstances, of the weather, or from others. You order and was given the mind that you're not just as single-celled creature, reacting to external circumstances and to determine their own reality. Good mood - it is a choice and a sort of state of mind.

The friendly team of online magazine has decided to add a few years to your life. We have prepared for you 20 of humorous cards for a good mood. We hope that these jokes can help you to take life easier and live on a positive note. Relax and laugh with us!

Laughter and only! Surely we were able to laugh at the peak of your workflow, and your employees are already looking askance at you ... We all need from time to time of discharge. Sin is not to share life with your friends humor. Share these cards to their comrades - even if they laugh heartily!

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