The shocking truth about how much bacteria accumulates mobile phone. I never mind!

What are things to which people regularly touches, collected on a lot of dirt, it is known to everyone. No wonder mothers all over the world are told your children to wash their hands after using public transport and toilets. Also, never allow children to swallow mobile phones, because they have so many things that make a high probability of falling into the body of a dangerous virus or bacteria. Do not risk such an important aspect of life as children's health. Scientists from the British University of Surrey have confirmed this hypothesis with the help of a scientific experiment.

The scientists decided to check out what the real danger fraught with mobile phones, more germs gathering on them. To do this, they put mobile phones in Petri dishes, agar-agar - jelly nutritional substance derived from seaweed. Here's what they found three days later. B>

Most of the bacteria found are not dangerous to humans, except for Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause the appearance of skin infections and dangerous diseases such as meningitis, pneumonia and osteomyelitis. < /

To set the phone did not cause disease, it must be cleaned once a week using a mild disinfectant. This will prevent the emergence and development of bacteria on it. B>

It turns out that the phone keeps not only our correspondence and important contacts. In addition, on the surface there is a weight of microbes that could be dangerous to humans. We share this important information with your friends!

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