Homemade mobile phone

In the salons of cellular communication range of mobile phones is very limited: either completely "dumb" dialer or smart phones with large screens. But why buy a mobile phone in the store when you can make your own phone? So I thought the American programmer Kevin Linah (Kevin Lynagh) - and make the dream a reality.

The презентации conference !! Con 2015 Kevin told how he did it.

Having a deuce in electronics at the University, Kevin was difficult to understand. But he still began to build electronic components. First of all, I picked up the mobile chip: Qeuctel UC15.

Then explore the device USIM-cards.

Selected antenna GSM / UMTS: it Rubra Penta-band SMD. And he ordered the charge, which will be fixed all the facilities.

Then it's time to think about the software part: cell phone should respond to keystrokes, LED lights, mobile chip to poll about calls, define a low battery level, the link with the base station, etc. Software running on an 8-bit microcontroller Atmel ATMEGA1284-AUR cost $ 8, 03. For this price we get for 11 MHz controller and 128 KB of memory for programs. It is a real treasure. As the author says, the programs written in C style Harel Statecharts . The absence of the operating system eliminates the headaches.

The phone case is made of leather and wood: the most practical material.

All electronics are perfectly placed inside.

Do not have a homemade cell phone display, which consumes just wasted battery consumption. But it has a wireless charging.

Kevin Linah said that the work took him 360 hours. A lot. But it was worth it. Make your mobile phone with your hands - what could be more interesting?

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