15 reliable facts that are hard to believe. I am about this and have not heard ...

Our world is full of interesting and unexpected facts, many of which you probably did not even hear. But even if you told someone one of these stories, you'd have questioned its veracity. Nevertheless, each of them - the truth, even though at first glance may seem a bit unbelievable.

This collection of fifteen short but amazing facts will allow you to not only expand their own horizons, but also wit shine in front of colleagues at work or friends. Look forward to your brain is not very useful, but very interesting information!

1. If an employee dies Google, his spouse pay half the salary of the deceased for 10 years, and their children receive an allowance of $ 1 000 per month until they reach 19 years of age.

2. Drivers famous London 'black cab' perfect obliged to know the location of 50 thousand sites, and more than 25 thousand cars. This position allow only those who have passed a special test, which is often able to pass only from the twelfth attempt, and after 34 months of intensified training.

3. At the end of the Vietnam War, the crew of the USS Midway had to push overboard helicopters worth 10 million dollars to sit on the deck of the aircraft was able to evacuated people on board.

4. Paul Kern Hungarian soldier was wounded in 1915 during one of the battles of the First World War. I hit him in the head a bullet destroyed part of the frontal lobe of the brain. Kern has survived, but it is completely stopped sleeping.

5. In Lesotho, there is a striking runway where to take to the air, airplanes have to accelerate and break away from the cliff, gathering necessary for the flight speed.

6. The trucker from New Zealand fell and landed a soft spot on the high pressure valve. Valve pierced his left buttock and pumped air man, increasing it in volume by half. This incident could have been fatal, but the poor guy survived. In the end, he still had three days to get rid of excess air in a natural way.

7. 11% of world reserves of gold owned by the Indian housewives. This is more than the reserves of the United States, Switzerland, the IMF and Germany combined.

8. On 11 September, when there was a wreck of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, raised in the air a few fighters battle without ammunition. He was tasked with ramming a hijacked plane, to avoid attacks on other targets, after which the pilots had to eject.

9. The most distant recognized sniper shot, perfect British Cavalry Corporal Craig Harrison in 2009. His shot flew 6 seconds a distance of 2475 meters, before reaching the target.

10. In 1995, an unknown, dropping the 600-year-old plaster figures of Buddha, found under a layer of plaster is solid gold statue.

11. In 1982, some men managed to get to Buckingham Palace, where for half an hour, he found eating cheddar cheese and walked through the palace chambers. Looking at the royal portraits, as the rested on the throne, and after drinking half a bottle of wine, he left the palace alone.

12. "McDonald's" was conceived as a real estate company. Its founder, Harry Zonnenborn once said that the burgers they sell only to have his clients had money to pay the rent.

13. Derek Amato Colorado hit his head on the bottom of the swimming pool and then found himself a talent for music. So manifested savant syndrome, in which people have found a genius in this or that sphere. The man was an outstanding pianist, although this was not even in any music lesson.

15. In Iceland, there is an Internet-based application that contains information about all the inhabitants of the country since the eighteenth century. As the population of Iceland is very small, this site used to prevent sexual relations between relatives. All you need to do is enter the names of two lovers in a designated field.

In these 15 stories it is very difficult to believe, as they are unusual. If these amazing facts to show you are interested, be sure to share them with your friends!



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