12 evidence that raising a child oh how difficult!

Raising children is not only incredibly fun and enjoyable, but other than that very difficult. Any parent will confirm that, opening the door to the nursery after a brief absence, sometimes do not even know what to expect, because there you can see anything.

Tricks of young children and the creative impulses of young artists devastating impact on the furniture, walls, plumbing, domestic animals and other children. Sometimes, after the children's games do not know what it will be easier - to remove or burn the house down and build it again.

These situations are familiar to every parent!

1. Who came up with that to sit head up? B>

Photo: Tumblr

2. Only children can be with a blissful expression on his face playing with pasta. B>

Photo: Blogspot

3. Now I get out and not be good for all of you! B>

Photo: Reddit

4. Cooking - this is a very dirty business. B>

Photo: Shitmykidsruined

5. Not reached the garden. B>

Photo: Xaxor

6. I breathed and slept. B>

Photo: Mybirdie

7. Yum yum! B>

Photo: Flickr

8. Here you are caught, thief! B>

Photo: Reddit

9. What he saw there? B>

Photo: Lunahicks

10. Count Dracula is not lying next to. B>

Photo: Misteriya

11. Sleep driving is not dangerous when you're little. B>

Photo: Blogspot

12. Mom, you said you wanted to paint the floor! B>

Photo: Tcuniverse

Being a parent - not an easy task. This photoselection opens our eyes to what is actually - to raise children. Share this post with your friends who are lucky in life, and they have children. These photos certainly raise them up!

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