Conditions in the prison is better than a 5-star hotel. Just in my head does not fit!

Gleb Zheglov remember, by Vladimir Vysotsky, said: "A thief should be in prison!" This quote is loved and regularly used until now. But it is unlikely in the days of the screens the film "The venue can not be changed," someone might think that there are prisons in which I want to get there. Today we will focus on the Norwegian prison Halden Fensel. It is considered the most humane and comfortable prison in the world.

Halden Fensel - a complex, which was built about 10 years. The government has spent 252 million dollars. B>

The Norwegians believe that the repressive prison may not be effective. Only the humane treatment of prisoners can direct them to the path of correction. By the way, only 20% of Norwegian prisoners jailed a second time. This figure in the US and the UK is in the range 50-60%. B>

The prison is equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay of prisoners. For example, you can play football, basketball or climbing. B>

The windows are no bars, and in each, so to speak, the camera mounted flat screen TV.

There is even a recording studio.

The prisoners are free to use the library and media library.

On the territory there are special houses for meetings with family.

The staff is closely monitoring the health status of the prisoners.

The prison holds 252 prisoners.

The prison administration said the main advantage of the attitude of the administration, who regularly dines with prisoners. Half of the officers working there - women. It is believed that this removes excessive aggression. In prison stay ordinary criminals: murderers, drug dealers, rapists. No fee, they do not contribute.

Perhaps this is something there. Admit it, that not all hotels and resorts of the world can offer such conditions. Do not forget to share a story with friends.

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