This dog - not just a pet. Every day he saves the life of his mistress ...

It is said that the girl's best friend - it is diamonds. Those who claim to like, just have not seen the real, pure, genuine friendship between man and pet. Now talk about a unique case.

The life of 26-year-old Claire Stevenson, who lives in London, is hardly a fairy tale. The fact that the girl suffers from a rare genetic disease known as Ehlers - Danlos syndrome and associated with the wrong development of connective tissue. This means that any, even the minimal movement (whether to remove his shoes or unzipping) can cause momentary dislocation - in her body is not enough collagen.

Fortunately, the girl is a true friend who helps her fight the terrible disease. His name is Griffin, and it is perhaps the most dear and faithful retriever in the world. B>

Griffin - not just a dog, it's ears, eyes, arms and legs Claire. Every day he helps the girl to do the basic things that most of us do not think. B>

«He helps me in everything, from opening the refrigerator door before loading laundry into the washing machine, in unzipping on clothes, take off your shoes. We are always together. I do not need anyone's help » i>, - with tears in his eyes divided Claire. B>

superpes opens and closes the door to help with a wheelchair, takes food from the lower shelves in a supermarket, and even he is paying at the checkout. Claire very happy that two years ago they met at a charity. B>

And now look, it looks like a normal day, and Claire Griffin. Beware, it is very touching movie, with no staged shots ... This is the most that neither is a reality. B>

«It was love at first sight » i>, - says the girl. How nice that a person confined to a wheelchair and makes every move with great effort, has finally started to live a full life. This is the case when a pet - not just another mouth to feed at home, and part of you. Penetrating the amazing story of friendship and Claire Griffin? Tell your friends about it in social networks.


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