This photographer - the best among those who removes the water. Just look at these amazing pictures!

Recently released a new series of images of authorship Ray Collins. This photographer realizes his talent, shooting water. His works are striking in their penetration and realism. It seems that they are not drawn waves, and mountains that are forever frozen in that position. If you look at this picture carefully, you will notice the incredible combination of colors, tones and shades transitions. The waves are not only reflected sky and sun, but when you look at them, it seems that is about to feel the salty smell and hear the sound of the surf. So skillfully convey all this can be done only by a truly talented man who not only knows his stuff, but he lives.

These delightful works belong incredibly talented photographer Ray Collins.

From these amazingly beautiful pictures is impossible to look away!

The striking skills.

These images of water to conquer their entertainment.

unearthly beauty!

It is enough to take a close look at these pictures and you hear the sound of the surf.


Incredible photos of water that you see in front of you look so natural that it seems - reach out and you touch the cool splendor. These colorful images of waves not leave anyone indifferent, so be sure to share them with your friends!


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