Here's how actually looks like a turtle shell. My life will never be the same again ...

Almost every one of us taught in high school biology, but for some reason it becomes a surprise for most of what looks like a turtle inside. From somewhere came and spread the myth that these animals are allowed to leave his house and climb it again. If you also think so, then the following pictures will be for you the discovery.

The truth is that the shell of the turtle is inseparable, as part of its spine, ribs and internal organs are located throughout the cavity. These animals live on our planet for about 157 million years, and during all this time, the structure of their bodies did not yield any significant changes. All turtles can be divided into land, water and turtles that can live both on land and in water.

Unlike most animals shelled turtles can not leave your house.

Photo: Joemonster

Here thus placed the entrails of animals.

Photo: Joemonster

The ribs and spine are one piece with the shell.

Photo: Reptilis

So turtles poke his head inside the shell. Bet you did not know that they have such a long neck? B>

Photo: Joemonster

Here are the secrets of these incredible animals are kept. Share the cognitive information with their friends, especially those who have a home bug!


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