7 main principles on which the living universe. That's what you need to be guided in life!

No matter how much we may seem, that our world is in chaos, it is a mistake: everything here works in their specific laws. Moreover, the legislator does not favor the party elite, Lord Tsar or international organizations, and the universe itself. Yes, it just so happened that in this world have formed their own principles, long before there was a human race. As we are in this world, the only guests, we would do well to respect the rules that governed for centuries in a large house called Earth. Today decided to share the basic laws of the universe that existed here long before us and will certainly remain, and after us. Motel on a mustache this wisdom thousands of years! These laws apply to 100%, you can be sure.

The law of circulation. As long as you do not let go of something than possess, you will not get what you wish. It is an iron principle, but usually it is very difficult to apply in real life. So many people and feel unhappy, afraid of losing what has.


Law of the imagination. Positive thoughts and good visualization - rule number one. For a start, do one simple task. In writing to detail describe your perfect day from start to finish: what are you doing, what kind of people there are in your way, what is your mood, you feel in a different time of day. Keep this sheet as the apple of his eye, and do not show anyone (except that only one to whom much trust). In his spare time to read it, and it appears that already live this afternoon.

The law void. If you need new clothes - throw the old one. We need a new man for a relationship - it's time to give up all the "old" and do not pull the cat's tail. Quite simply, as in physics: when filled completely, it no longer pour her, no matter how hard you try.

Law of creativity. There is no comments, perhaps, superfluous: that occupation of creative activity distinguishes man from other creatures. And do not forget that it develops your intuition, imagination, helps to cope with depression and despondency.

The law of tithing. If you get something from the universe, do not forget to give. This applies zhelezobetonno: Dari good, and it will return a hundredfold. I do not think that life is something you owes you no one signed any contracts! So do not forget to share and sacrifice to get to his favorable attitude of the cosmos.

The law of retribution and produce. It is closely related to the previous principle. In this world, everything is natural: you and with you. If you have a good or a gift, you need to share it with others. By doing so, you attract into your life even more benefits.

The law of forgiveness. Even Mahatma Gandhi once remarked very clearly: "The ability to forgive - the property of the powerful. Weak never forgive. " Think about it: if your soul is full of hatred, anger, envy, jealousy, how it can come something good? He is either very close, or not enough space. Therefore, rather Get rid of all the negativity that racked your soul and haunted.

Well, now you're familiar with the basic laws of the universe. I do not think we have opened for you America, recalling these simple postulates. Just when we run around like a squirrel in a cage in the hectic days, alas, often forget the most simple truth ... Try to live in obedience to these laws, and watched as something good comes gradually into your life. And be sure to share this important information with those you care about!

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