Why our universe is perfectly tuned for life?


Man, the universe can seem very inhospitable place. In the vacuum of space you will quickly suffocate, but on the surface you will fry to a crisp. As far as we know, all life is confined to a narrow strip of the atmosphere surrounding a rocky planet that we inhabit. And while the origin of life on Earth remains a mystery, along with them there are other serious unanswered questions. Namely, why the laws of physics allow life to exist at all? They are universal and life is simply obliged to exist in such conditions?

But the universe is composed of fundamental building blocks, particles and forces, the building blocks of everything we see around us. And we just don't know why these pieces should possess such properties, what have.

We have many observed facts about our Universe, like electrons weigh almost nothing, and some quarks are thousands of times heavier. And gravity is much weaker than the other forces that hold the atomic nucleus together.

Why our universe is arranged in such a way? We just don't know

But what if...We have every right to ask the question "what if...". What if the electron were heavier, and the lighter quarks? What if electromagnetism was stronger than the strong nuclear interaction? What would have been the universe?

Let's look at carbon, the element is forged in the hearts of massive stars, known to us necessary for life.

Initial calculations such stellar furnaces showed that they were clearly ineffective in the production of carbon. Then, the British astronomer Fred Goyle realized that the nucleus of carbon has the unique property of the resonance, which increases the efficiency. But if the strength of the strong nuclear interaction would be different at least for drop, it would have destroyed the property and left our universe is partially devoid of carbon and hence of life.

The story does not end there. After was made of carbon, it has matured and transformed into the heavier elements, particularly oxygen. It turns out that the oxygen because of the strength of the strong nuclear interaction is not enough specific resonant properties that can enhance the creation of carbon.

This prevented rapid absorption of the carbon. A specific strength of the strong interaction has led to the fact that in the Universe with an almost equal mixture of carbon and oxygen has a bonus in the form of life on Earth.

Death Silentnoise above is just one example. We can play "what if" with the properties of all fundamental particles of the Universe. And each time can ask the question: what would the universe? The answers are almost obvious. We get away a bit from the initial conditions and the result is usually a sterile space.

Also, the universe could be soft, without difficulty. Or the universe would expand too quickly to the substance has had time to condense into stars, galaxies and planets. Or it could collapse again in the second after the birth of matter. Any complex life would be impossible.

The questions do not end there. In our Universe we live in comfort only if a certain combination of space and time and seemingly quite clear mathematical framework is the basis of the known science. Why the universe is so clear and predictable? Why is it knowable? How could we ask such a question, if it was not?

Our universe seems to be teetering on the knife's edge of stability. But why?

One of magicnatalie believe that science will easily solve the issue. Perhaps if we open the "theory of everything", uniting quantum mechanics with Einstein's General relativity, everything is relative mass and strength fundamental parts to be completely defined, there will be no mysteries. Others believe that it is not so simple.

Some seek solace in the Creator, the Almighty being, subtly setting the properties of the Universe that allow us to exist here. But the transition from science to the supernatural not everyone likes.

There is, however, another possible solution which is a dark and confusing area of science. Superstring theory or M-theory, suggests that fundamental properties of the Universe are not unique, and is somehow selected as a result of cosmic roll of the dice at the time of her birth.

This gives us a possible explanation for the special, at first glance, the properties of the Universe in which we live.

Perhaps our universe is one of the semi-infinite sea of universes, each with its own set of physical properties, laws and particles, mathematical structures and chronologies. As we have seen, the vast majority of these other universes are dead and sterile.

The only way to exist to ask the question "why are we here?" find themselves in a universe conducive to our very existence. In any other universe we simply would not exist, no one would ask questions and was not surprised at its existence.

If this pattern of multiple universes is correct, we must recognize that the fundamental properties of our universe fell to the giant space wheel, and we got the winning lucky ticket. We, it turns out, live in a lucky universe.

Source: hi-news.ru


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