What you will not show in the stores of furs ... Here it is - the true cost of your mink coat!

Fashion - a rather neutral word that seemingly does not carry a negative meaning. But the truth is that today it is the victims are not only crazy about fashion and style, personality, and harmless animals that gave their lives to ensure girls glamorous chic garments made of natural fur and leather. We see the finished product, but few know the details of furriers.

Yes, you can wash its hands and say that you're only buying what they sell. Let's face it: if there was no demand for such products, they are unlikely to be so massively produced. Are you willing to pay a decent amount to another mink coat - manufacturers are always happy to try and obediently fulfill your desire.

However, the team site there is hope that after the next frame you stop finding excuses meaningless, take responsibility and refuse once and for all from the leather and fur. Warning: too impressionable people better not to see!


main producer of the lion's share of fur products sold in Russia and other post-Soviet countries as usual cheap markets and in high-end fashion houses - China. Let me tell you a secret: a significant portion of the goods in the markets of Russia and the United States stripped alive sewn from the fur of cats and dogs.


Farms on which potential live luxurious coat - probably worse than hell. Animals live there in close spiny cells. The air they breathe, poisoned by fumes, going under the cages. At the horrors do not end ...


After all the poor souls waiting agonizing death. Before you remove the skin, the animal is first stunned slightly, then cut off his legs and start skinning. The animal is then in the minds and everything feels. These meal lasts about 5-10 minutes. To avoid damaging the pelt, many animals are killed no less inhumane methods: using the power and gas poisoning.


Skinner brutally, with the help of iron hinges pulled the fox out of the cell. The animals are then inserted a metal rod in her mouth and the anus placed an electric wire and empty talk. It should be noted that an electric current is passed through the body of an animal as long as it does not die. B>


to fall in love, it's your living astrakhan fur coat ... Every year, killing about 4 million karakul breed lambs day until their hair has not straightened tight little curls.


To tell the truth, the reality is much more depressing ... See for yourself: it is a normal working day on dog fur farm in China. It is not recommended to watch the children and people with weak mentality! B>

After the data frame appears in his throat. This is very difficult to say, but at the same time we can not be silent. The sad statistics: to carry out small feminine whim and sew a fur coat, killed about 100-500 protein 100-200 chinchillas, 40-90 sables, martens 60, 50 minks, 20 dogs, 15 foxes ... unfortunately, this number can still continue . Is it worth your coat all these deaths ?! If you think as well as we share this article with your friends.

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